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Leaders Commission Todd Bentley at ‘Lakeland Outpouring’

Leaders Commission Todd Bentley at ‘Lakeland Outpouring’ The special service was billed by leaders as one of the greatest moments in revival history [04.24.08] Canadian revivalist Todd Bentley, leader of the “Lakeland Outpouring,” was commissioned as an evangelist last night in a special ceremony in Lakeland, Fla., that was broadcast into millions of homes by God TV.

California pastors Ché Ahn and Bill Johnson, along with Canadian pastor John Arnott, laid hands on the 32-year-old Bentley while Peter Wagner, leader of the International Coalition of Apostles, read a statement about the need for apostolic alignment. Other prominent leaders from the apostolic and prophetic movements stood on the platform to show their support for Bentley and to endorse the revival, which began in early April and is now in its 83rd day of continuous meetings.

The ceremony, held in a 10,000-seat tent, took place after some charismatic leaders raised questions about Bentley’s claims, methods and theology. They asked Wagner to oversee a dialogue, and he responded by organizing Monday evening’s event so that Bentley could have more accountability—or what Wagner calls “apostolic alignment.”

“I believe last night was truly historic and a true sign of unity,” Bentley told Charisma today. “Many streams converged and I know last night’s commissioning will truly help bring God’s outpouring to a much larger part of the body.”

Participating leaders at the ceremony included Wagner; Ché Ahn, pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif.; John Arnott of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Canada; Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, Calif.; and Rick Joyner, founder of MorningStar Ministries in Charlotte, N.C.

Wagner said to Bentley on the platform: “This commissioning represents a powerful spiritual transaction taking place in the invisible world. With this in mind, I take the apostolic authority that God has given me and I decree to Todd Bentley, your power will increase, your authority will increase, your favor will increase, your influence will increase, your revelation will increase.

“I also decree that a new supernatural strength will flow through this ministry. A new life force will penetrate this move of God. Government will be established to set things in their proper order. God will pour out a higher level of discernment to distinguish truth from error. New relationships will surface to open the gates to the future.”

In a newsletter released earlier this week, Bentley said Wagner was the one who suggested having an official ceremony in which Bentley could be commissioned.

“I am no church historian, but I do not know of any other time in history, since the book of Acts, have so many different apostles and so many different prophets and movements and leaders [been represented],” Bentley said of the capacity crowd. “This is so much bigger than [anything else] ever before. The devil is shaking in his boots because the apostles are gathering and the prophets are gathering.”

Though the outpouring has enjoyed mostly favorable publicity and is stirring excitement in charismatic congregations worldwide, it has also spawned a debate among leaders dialoguing behind closed doors. These backroom discussions over aspects of Bentley’s teachings were partly what prompted leaders to lay their hands on him last night.


A Holy Ghost breakout in Florida – mirror

“If anything is obvious from the Lakeland revival, it is that God wants to anoint and empower ordinary people … to take His radical love to a world that is desperate to see the raw power of God.”
The scene inside this church, a former Scotty’s home-supply warehouse, was beyond unconventional. Teenagers with spiked hair worshiped God side by side with soccer moms and scruffy, pony-tailed bikers. After an hour of singing they cheered Bentley as he took the stage looking like a roadie for a grunge band.
Heavy-set with a beard and shaved head, the Canada-born preacher is rough around the edges. He wore jeans and a black T-shirt that said “Legend Killers” on the back. The metal studs in his ears and left eyebrow glistened in the stage lights. His tattoos covered both arms and most of his neck.
By his own admission, Bentley is a walking miracle. He should have died 15 years ago—but his life was spared when a burly stranger carrying a large white Bible knocked on his door and delivered what Bentley calls “the fieriest hell-and-damnation sermon I’ve ever heard.”
Immediately after his conversion at age 17, Bentley began spending four to 12 hours a day in prayer and Bible reading. It wasn’t long before he was preaching to huge crowds.
A high school dropout, Bentley has conducted healing crusades in dozens of nations including Ecuador, India and Tanzania. His staff says crippled people have left their wheelchairs behind numerous times.
But his methods are far from polished. When he prayed for people in Lakeland, he usually began by laying his hand on their heads and then yelling, “Bam!
Often the people fell backward to the floor. After one elderly woman fell, Bentley told the audience: “She doesn’t know why she fell down.” The woman then laughed and said to him in the microphone: “Because you pushed me!” He prayed for her three more times that night, and she said she could hear better.
“I’m feeling the presence of God so strong in here!” he shouted. More people ran to the stage, dodging teens who had swooned on the floor. A teenage girl walked up to Bentley on the platform and said a lump on her neck had just dissolved. During the past three weeks people have testified of being healed from heart conditions, skin rashes and back problems, and many said scars disappeared.
Bentley says he refuses to give this outbreak of Pentecostal revival a name, but some have already dubbed it the “Florida Healing Outpouring.” Strader, the former pastor of Carpenter’s Home Church in Lakeland, said a New Zealand preacher prophesied in March that Bentley would be used “like a boomerang” to trigger a national revival that would start in Florida.
Many charismatics are wondering if the protracted meetings will become a phenomenon similar to what happened in Rodney Howard-Browne’s meetings in Lakeland in 1993, at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church in Canada in 1994 and at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola in 1995.
It’s too early to tell if this outbreak is the next Toronto Blessing—which lasted for several years and spread revivalist fervor to dozens of nations. If the crowds in Lakeland keep growing, Strader will have to move the meetings to a larger venue since his building and parking lot are already at full capacity.
Those who can’t visit Lakeland should be encouraged to know that God doesn’t require evangelists to wear three-piece suits or to have impressive theological degrees. He uses nobodies. If anything is obvious from the Lakeland revival, it is that God wants to anoint and empower ordinary people—even those who dropped out of school or got messed up in drugs—to take His radical love to a world that is desperate to see the raw power of God.
J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma. You can learn more about Todd Bentley’s revival services in Lakeland at the Ignited Church Web site, Last weekend Bentley announced that he has canceled his bookings in April so he can keep the momentum going, at least through early May. Starting Thursday, Apr. 24, the meetings are being moved to Auburndale Life Church in Auburndale, Fla., about 10 miles from Lakeland.

Two transcripts Bob Jones and Todd Bentley May 13, 2008

This is a transcript from the Lakeland “revival” on Tuesday night, May 13, 2008: Todd, Bob Jones and others:

At the end of this one is another transcript from a lady on InJesus.
My comments follow:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 started watching 5:44 pm PST

…. Just TAKE A LITTLE DRINK …. Like this ( he sips in air) … just like that….drink it in; thank you lord; I will try now to get thru one more announcement….laughter breaks out on stage behind him. I’m drunk; laughter brfeaks thru crowd; this man saying, thank you Lord …. Ahhh….. I heard a comedian say one time, I like this job because I get to drink on the job, but he didn’t try this job…I get to drink on this job … I drink the new wine …. Sheekah ….

Now TODD speaks 6:04 pm pst:

— God told me this anointing was very CONTAGIOUS and we are to give it away to the world; leaders are to take this back to their nations and the anointing would be very transferable;

— It’s hard to give announcements with such an anointing; look at Dsvid Tea is now down on the floor; ( Bentley now laughing)… “ho” he yells; aren’t WE ARE HERE FOR THE ANOINTING; we have no agenda; we’re flowing in the H.Ghost, we just want jesus; we want the anointing…now laughing and shaking head”” he yells.

— 6:11 pm pst… todd shaking head; it is just awesome/ lord zap them in their homes; wreck them in their homes; let them be undone in their homes; tonight is a historic night;

6:13 pm pst;….i’ll read to you from Ez 3 what the lord will do tonight; son of man, eat the scroll and go speak to house of Israel ……. And lord said, fill your belly, eat this scroll….in my mouth like honey . ….. speak to house Israel and speak my words to them;
Tonight we will eat HONEY SCROLL; what is honey scroll? It is great commissioning; until you eat, you cannot go; sweet in his mouth, bitter in his stomach; ………… And I heard Lord say tongith is HONEY SCROLL ;

–Holy Spiirt bringing honey scroll; don’t try to figurel out with your head; I’ve had supernatural encounters with lord and COULDN’T FIGURE IT OUT but knew I was recv’g from the spirit; which doesn’t mean we don’t discern or test, but tonight is spiritual impartation;

— Bobby Connor, called and said Bob jones and I are ready to come down to Fl, and I said, I’ve asked and asked bob to come … and bob said not til god says to come; and I PRAYED FOR ANGEL OF THE LORD TO SPEAK TO YOU bob; and bob said, I’d like to come around June 22 thru July 22 causes that is when glory will show up in its fullness;

— 6:24pm PST … 0N April 3rd, I had angelic encounter and I saw this is the one thing, people hate … when I talk about the Angel …. People say ‘don’t talk about the angel’ but I’m telling you, right now, to deny prophetic destiny and what you’ve rec’d from lord is to turn from lord; I could not stand before lord, and say I saw the angel of lord, if I did not see it; god would strike me down; but I saw the the angel of the lord a HEALING ANGEL; april 3rd, I knew what it meant; angel said, as confirmation, call bob on phone right now, but bob doesn’t answser his phone, but bob answered, and bob said ANGEL “WINDS OF CHANGE” visited you this morning, and todd said yes; todd said we need to talk about what is “up” for the angel visited me;

Now BOBBY CONNORS talks: and lord said, this is a night we can eat the HIDDEN MANNA …. Rev 2;17 jesus said hidden manna, god will reveal lhidden secrets and mystic mysteries; god will reveal; god is turning a page tonight; revealing new things; a new level is happening tonight; as high as we are willing to go; god is beckoning us; as moses said, lord show me your glory, and that is how high we will go. So the hidden manna, matt 13:16 a time is now, we can see things and hear and receive things prior generations couldn’t; many long to see and hear what you see/hear, unto you it has been granted (Matt 13:17);YOU CAN CATCH THE ANOINTING not how loud you scream, but how you get into him;

Trevor Baker up on stage from UK at Todd’s request; I heard god, take this fire back to UK; it exploded in my back; these words changed everything I was doing;… this really is transferable;

TODD: bob jones is here now, for trevor;

Bobby connor and jones lay hands yell “:FIRE” more lord , more lord,… trevor on floor, rocking back and forth …. Shaking and yelling; crowd now yelling. Fire come, fire come, fire come to englahd, uk Ireland, wales, Scotland in name of jesus; fire come, fire come;

TODD, this is transferable; it’s going to the UK right now; nows not a time to be sitting down; CATCH THE ANOINTING IN THE AIR; it will fall on you;
TREVOR still running thru crowd laying hands…everyone falling everywhere;

648 pm pst …
TODD: there is a strong prophetic anointing tongith; you have to CATCH IT in the atmosphere;

Now BOB JONES 7:06 pm pst; The Lord is saying, what do I require of them, so they may draw close to ME ; for I’ve come close to them; I’ve brought the golden earing to pierce your ear so you’ll be a love slave to me; for love slave will be closest to me you see, ….

and I’ll put the gold earing in your ear; and then testing will begin, for you will have to obey what you hear; this is what you’ve been wanting , you’ve been wanting to hear frm me; those who are my servants, sometimes they will heal, deliver, but they will always be in my will; so do many different things; for my son did many different things in his day; and now i’m raising sons and daughters that look like Him as relationship increases between me and thee;

BOB JONES: I brought a 100 yr prophecy ;
yr 2000 will reveal the glory of God; wait for next 2 yrs, you haven’t seen anything;
2010 will reveal faith OF god; not faith IN god; OF god; you’ll proclaim it, if you have the earing in;
2020’s the REST of God; god will work his work thru you;
2030’s the FAMILY of God;
2040 Kingdom of God;
2050 Sons and Daughter of God; CHURCH WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BUT will look like Christ; make long range plans;
LORD is looking for Joshua generation, people over 50 yrs old, get vision of serving god; Joshua was 85 yrs old and lived longer;; lord after peole with long range vision; …..

I’ll tell you about the glory, demons will scream when you walk in restaurant, and they’ll leave; people will say, depression just left me in grocery store when you came around me; you WON;T HAVE TO WITNESS;
people will come lookg for you; god’s jubilee…people come to YOU because you hav answer; ( its now 7;23 pm pst.)

— Another word came to me 15 yrs ago, when the Canadian Dollar is equal to American dollar revival would come; to be the greatest show on earth would begin, a 3 ring circus and I would live to see it; 1 ring, praise; center ring, proclamation;

In Zech, amplified, 1: last 2 verses, says, holy terrors to terrorize kingdom of darkness; ….. crowd yells …… holy terrors will take powers away ; and the angel in this Zechariah …. I think the ANGELS YOU ARE SEEING ARE UNCREATED in Zechariah; So I think you should have visitations, and purpose of senior prophets is to get you to understand what you are hearing; if you are born again, you hear his voice; don’t contribute it to your mind; interpret what you hear, then you’ll know how to respond, hear and obey; we are getting ready for greatest showing on earth …. Greater than jesus on earth…because thousands of you look just like him; you’ll put enemy to flight; ask for the nations; so I’ve seen great revivals, that die in 2 – 3 dys, but this isn’t dying; we imparted it from Canada to start with …. Laughs, … now lets start exporting it;

TODD: this is like big fire …. Lets export it;

BOB: And an angel appeared to me, told me to get paul keith (here tomorrow) and ken maddock, bobby Connors … HEALING ANGEL, called winds of change appeared to me …. Do you (crowd) believe in angels? …. Yes? ….. well, I saw winds of change said, extreme weather patterns in every form; winds shutting down entire towns from north west; so TODD you are from north west, you need to shut down towns;

— And 3 powerful angels are here; emma, means healing and another called grace; winds of change.

TODD the winds been blowing, bob; people out of wheelchairs;

BOB: so I RELEASED MY ANGELS TO HIM …….this man of Canada asked for my angels ; this wind of change is most powerful …. Except for the arch angels, this ‘winds of change’, this is the most powerful angel. …. To blow away stupor, fog; get glory of god on you. So faith of god will work thru you. It’s not that hard to understand;

— this 3 ring circus that has begun here, has lots of intercession behind it;

TODD: so 3 ring circus is praise, proclamation and intercession.

BOB: yup. These 3 work together; keep that intercession; get active there; praise is like enema to clean you out. You can join witgh h.spirit and become one with h.spirit.

— TODD: so we’ve had revival? Now this is maturity? Glory? A PORTAL OPEN THAT WILL NEVER BE CLOSED ??

BOB: right; this will never quit; the church is changing; winds of change.
As I watch you, you VIBRATE. You know there are 2 PORTALS, clock wise and counter clock wise …. When you VIBRATE you close demonic vibration …. Counter clock wise vibration is demonic. The VIBRATION IS HEALING. Does it seems peculiar? (He waves his hands ….. I’m realeaseing it to you);

BONNIE JONES; bill Johnson, arnott’s, randy clark, Heidi baker, in Hawaii called, bob talking with them, bob told them about 3rd wave coming, such a huge wave, and as speaking, randy clark said tsunami like wave came out of ocean at that same time

TODD: Che said, 3rd wave, tsunaimi wave like came and nearly splashed all of them laying on the grass

BOB: and the 3rd wave is commitment.

TODD: How many ready for this 3rd wave that doesn’t stop. A PORTAL god will open, this wind blow wherever it wishes, to bring us to maturity. Can we pray for this impartation bob.

BOB: just take deep breath. Now make commitment. It will cost you everything so surrender everything. He’ll take care of everything. To do his pleasure; it’s time for great harvest beginning; let this wave flow over them, for if it has cleaned them up to their waist, their base nature is being destroyed so their spiritual nature can come forth; so they can move in the spirit and in obedience. To hear and obey, there is no other way. Let it now begin in everyone. And a commitment, in jesus name. so the father can be glorified on the earth……. (People shaking in the audience …. Some jumping….. tv scans the crowd 7:52 pm pst)

— BOB: Now I see water pots, filled with the spirit you are water pots; being prepared for the wedding, filled with the very best wine; the joy of the lord; 7:53 pm pst;

TODD: june 22 – july 22 god said glory would fall?

BOB: yes, but this is preparation for that abiding glory. he WANTS to co-habitate with you; don’t worry about the enemy; god kicks him out; god puts him to shame; and god calling his children to kick instead of being kicked; be a terror, instead of being terrorized; so he wants to talk to his family; he;s been waiting long time; and shouts of his children; are covering his throne; and gets ready for shouts of god on scale you’ve never heard before. (MY NOTE: God already DOES live IN us; we ARE His family, thru the Blood; why should God be waiting!)

— BOB: and you won’t need a smoke machine, because god is going to show up. The glory of papa. I was told to call him papa. That means I am close to him.

TODD: let’s pray right now….last tv moment. Pray for multiplication for this. Touch your computer screen. There is a glory here and a prophetic word. In the wind is the vibration, the windo of change. And in the wind is the healing of god. Just ASK GOD FOR THE VIBRATION NOW. And bob jones will impart the vibration right now. (Todd head shaking) …. How many want this change? Bob jones is seer, prophet. You have to hear with your spirit. There is a PORTAL here that will never close. Thank you lord. We release it tongith in name of Jesus.

Tomorrow bobby Connors preaching at ignited church. Good night to tv audience. Bob jones and bobby Connors here tomorrow night …… god tv shut down at that word ….. 8:01 pm pst esday, May 13, 2008 started watching 5:44 pm PST

DAVID (David T, or TEE, or TEA??) speaking:
— I feel a lot of angelic activity up here tonight; some critics say, ‘well I don’t like them talking about angels, ‘ well you better cut out the pages of your bible then, because the bible is full of it.’ Man, I feel DRUNK; (he’s Saying “sheekah” …. like speaking in a tongue)

…. Just TAKE A LITTLE DRINK …. Like this ( he sips in air) … just like that….drink it in; thank you lord; I will try now to get thru one more announcement….laughter breaks out on stage behind him. I’m drunk; laughter brfeaks thru crowd; this man saying, thank you Lord …. Ahhh….. I heard a comedian say one time, I like this job because I get to drink on the job, but he didn’t try this job…I get to drink on this job … I drink the new wine …. Sheekah ….
End of Transcript

Here is anther transcript from Sandy Warner, on her InJesus website. This transcript is Todd and Bob Jones only:


De Jesus Culture Awakening van Bethel

Vandaag begint er in Chicago een evenement onder de naam Jesus Culture Awakening. In essentie is Jesus Culture de worship-band van de kerk van Bill Johnson, Bethel. Dit is een gevaarlijke groep om mee in aanraking te komen en in verstrikt te raken – dat weet ik!

Ik heb persoonlijk ervaring opgedaan met het effect van Jesus Culture en Bethel toen mijn vrouw verstrikt was in hun muziek en lering. Je kunt haar getuigenis (4 delen) over hoe zij onder hun invloed vandaan kwam, hier, hier, hier en hier vinden (nu nog even in het Engels, maar we werken aan de vertaling – red.).

Er is iets arglistigs aan Bethel en hun companen. Vaak lijk het dat zij op het eerste gezicht christelijke dingen zeggen en komen zelfs overtuigend over (ook al zijn sommige dingen zo potsierlijk dat het een wonder is dat iemand er in trapt). Maar, voor mijzelf, bleef ik vaak achter met een ziek gevoel in mijn lichaam. En dan hoor je sommige teksten van mensen als Bill Johnson die zeggen dat als we een boodschap prediken die ziekte toelaat, we een ander evangelie prediken (in vergelijk tot Galaten 1:8). Er zijn meer dan voldoende filmpjes op YouTube te vinden die dit laten zien.

Wat de boodschap van Bethel is: gezondheid en welvaart, tekenen en wonderen zijn wat God voor jou doet. Je zou deze dingen moeten zoeken en als die niet overvloedig in je leven aanwezig zijn, dan is er iets grondig mis! Ze ontkennen dit natuurlijk: “wij zeggen zoiets nooit!”. Niet direct, maar hun preken en boodschappen zijn er van doordrongen. Het is duidelijk: tenzij je allerlei vreemde dingen en tekenen en wonderen ervaart, heb je een probleem.

Hun bediening heeft zaken als “healing rooms”, “soaking”, etc. U kunt er hier een artikel over lezen (engelstalig).

Ik weet dat mijn vrouw veranderde van een vrolijke, tevreden moeder en vrouw, in een agressieve, strijdende, tegendraadse vrouw. Ik heb mensen horen zeggen: “O, ze zal zich wel mee hebben laten slepen”, of iets van die aard. Feit is dat ze niet de enige was. Ik ken diverse andere mensen die ook iets dergelijks meegemaakt hebben. Ze gedroegen zich en veranderden op dezelfde manier. De vrucht van Geest verdwijnt. Jezus en het Woord zijn niet meer de bevredigende Redder en de focus daarop is ook verdwenen. Er is geen tevredenheid, alleen een verlangen naar grotere en fantastischer “wonderen”. Een verlangen wat zeker verterend werkt.

Een aantal mensen waar ze mee verbonden zijn, zijn erg gevaarlijk. Mensen als Todd Bentley, John Crowder, Joshua Mills, etc. Als u het nog niet gehoord heeft, Todd Bentley was betrokken bij de gekke, tekenen en wonderen opwekking in Lakeland, uit het recente verleden. In deze periode bleek dat hij een ongepaste relatie had met iemand uit zijn team had (terwijl hij getrouwd was) en dat eindigde in een snelle scheiding en hertrouwen met deze vrouw. Ik meen dat er op datzelfde moment ook nog andere zaken speelden. Terwijl dit gebeurde (en voordat het publiekelijk bekend werd) legden Bill Johnson en andere zwaargewichten uit de extreem charismatische beweging hem tijdens een dienst de handen op en proclameerden God’s zalving over hem en verklaarden dat hij grote dingen voor de Heer deed en Mozes zou overschaduwen, etc. Maar, als zij voor God spraken (wat duidelijk niet het geval is, want zij zijn valse profeten) dan zou Hij hen toch zeker voor Todd gewaarschuwd hebben en gezegd dat ze hem tenminste moesten helpen? Maar nee, het lijkt er op dat ze God gebruiken als middel om winst te behalen.

John Crowder is wel de gekste van het hele stel. Hij noemt zichzelf een “nieuwe mysticus”. Het enige woord wat ik voor hem kan verzinnen is een “godslasterlijke ketter”. Ik heb hem dingen zien doen die er voor zorgden dat je haren rechtop gingen staan! Dingen als het zuigen van de zalving uit mensen in een graf als een vacuüm, het roken van drugs van de “heilige geest” (blowen van de geest (toking the ghost) noemt hij dat), rondstrompelen als een dronkaard (dat noemt hij de dronken glorie van God). Hij spreekt ketterijen en het meest schokkende is niet zozeer wat hij zegt en doet (er zijn altijd mafketels geweest), het is het feit dat zovelen hem volgen en zichzelf neerzetten als mensen zonder onderscheidingsvermogen, onwetend en misleidt. Op een dag zal hij verantwoording af moeten leggen voor de Heer en dat zal niet prettig zijn! Je kunt meerdere video’s vinden op YouTube die de show laten zien die John Crowder is. Hier zijn wel een aantal links naar interessante artikelen (er zijn er veel meer te vinden als je zijn naam in een zoekmachine invoert): Apologetics Index, Slaughter of the Sheep, en Apprising Ministries.

Dit zijn dus een paar van de mensen waarmee Bill Johnson zich associeert en mee omgaat. Gevaarlijke mensen die de kudde laten verdwalen en in gevaar brengen.

Een paar sites die veel informatie geven over Bill Johnson en de mensen waar hij mee samenwerkt zijn Heralding Truth, M’Kayla’s Korner, Closing Stages, Apprising, en Crosswise. Daar zijn veel artikelen, reviews, commentaren en getuigenissen te vinden.

Het enige wat ik kan zeggen is dat je voorzichtig moet zijn met deze bediening en zijn leringen. Beproef de geesten (1 Joh. 4:1) en laat niemand je wijs maken dat je je gedachten uit moet schakelen en jezelf mee moet laten slepen. God heeft ons als rationele, denkende, wezens geschapen en heeft ons de opdracht gegeven om te aanbidden in geest en waarheid (Joh. 4:23). Hij wijst ons er meerdere keren op dat we moeten onderzoeken wat we horen (Hnd. 17:11; Op. 2:2) om te weten of het waarheid of ketterij is. Het getuigenis van mijn vrouw bevat ook een aantal links naar een blog wat haar heel erg goed geholpen heeft toen ze zich realiseerde wat er met haar gebeurde. Ik bid dat ook u hier uw voordeel mee kunt doen.

De beste aanmoediging die ik je kan geven als het om dit evenement gaat, zelfs als je nieuwsgierig bent of vrienden of familie hebt die er naar toe gaan: REN! Ga niet. Ik smeek je om dit evenement koste wat kost te vermijden, omdat het gevaarlijk is. Ik ben niet iemand die deze figuren uit hun context haalt, hun bediening, leven en lering is ontspoort. Je kunt een veelvoud aan materiaal over hen en hen leringen vinden in verband met wat ze leren, hun boeken, preken, etc welke allemaal makkelijk toegankelijk zijn. Het sluitend bewijs over hun valse lering is overweldigend.

Ik bid dat God je wijsheid en onderscheidingsvermogen geeft en als je in deze zaken verstrikt bent geraakt, dan bidt ik dat Hij je ogen zal openen en je hart naar Hem terug zal trekken!

Kijk, voordat je wegklikt, nog even naar wat de kinderen van Bethel leren. Deze video is al een paar jaar oud en werd door een reactie onder mijn aandacht gebracht. Ik was ondersteboven van het totaal ontbreken van vroomheid en respect voor God, Jezus Christus, geestelijke autoriteit en de Bijbel! Wat moet er van deze kinderen terecht komen?




Snelle links naar alle delen van deze serie:
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Het Wonder van de hemel

Naar aanleiding van Aanhangsel C uit het boek “Het Wonder van de Hemel”: “Wat te denken van zogenaamde verslagen vanuit de eerste hand over de hemel”. Dit artikel heb ik geplaatst onder Charismatische uitingen, omdat er in de charismatische hoek ook opvallend veel boeken zijn verschenen van mensen die zelf in de hemel zouden zijn geweest. Eén van de predikers die claimt dat hij in de hemel is geweest, is Todd Bentley. Hier zal ik in een ander artikel op terug komen.




Een filmpje wat heel duidelijk de tegenstellingen tussen wat men zegt en wat men doet. Het is ronduit schokkend om te zien hoe groot de tegenstellingen sommige gevallen zijn. Dit zou ons echt aan het denken moeten zetten, en ons kritischer maken ten aanzien van eventuele nieuwe manifestaties en uitingen. Teveel mensen lopen zomaar overal achter aan, zonder zich een moment af te vragen wat de achterliggende motieven van de ‘gezalfde’ zijn. Bekijk dit filmpje en beoordeel zelf!



An insider’s warning

Een serie video’s van iemand die 11 jaar betrokken is geweest in de charismatische beweging. Andrew Strom is nog steeds een Pinkstergelovige. Hij spreekt in tongen, gelooft in wonderen, maar heeft grote vraagtekens bij de manifestaties die de afgelopen jaren steeds weer zichtbaar zijn. In deze serie video’s ligt hij uit waarom. De video’s zijn engelstalig. Wil je ons helpen met het ondertitelen van de video’s? Mail ons!