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Robin Hood and his Merry Men have been around for a very long time; mentions of a "Robin Hode" in ballads and even court records appear in late medieval times. He did not wear green or show loyalty to the king until later versions, and the first king mentioned in connection with him was Edward, not Richard the Lion-Hearted nor his wicked brother John. Was there ever a real Robin Hood - under that name or otherwise? If so, did he leave near Nottingham or some distance away?

In fact, nobody knows. But his story and his iconic identity as one who "steal from rich to give to the poor" long ago became part of popular lore.
The first film about him was made in 1908; one of the most famous, with Errol Flynn, was made in 1938. Since then, not a decade has gone by without Robin appearing on screens big and small and probably his tale will continue to be retold long after screens have disappeared and new ways of story-telling appear.

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The adventures of Robin Hood - Free ebook

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