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[…] But signs keep emerging that all is still not well within the ranks of the self-appointed Elder’s of the Charismatic Movement. Robert Ricciardelli (Charsima Magazine Author and card carrying member of the Wagner International Constipation….errr…I mean Coalition of Apostles) recently made an appearance on Jason Clark’s Blog where he left the following comment (Thanks to Dan-O for sleuthing this out): Truth is there are very few people being healed in Lakeland. I have worked with Charisma Magazine editor Lee Grady in discovering how many false reports have been released as facts. These are our brothers and sister involved in this, but this move of God has been a move of men with God still touching some who come to seek Him… Robert Ricciardelli (Jason Clark Blog) “… The reporting of claims are being reported as fact and I am not talking about claims from Lakeland, these are claims from emails and phone calls. None of these claims happened from Lakeland, but there was an ownership of them, because someone sent them in. In some cases the person never even mentioned Lakeland, but wanted to just share what God has done. Charisma reporters and a few others like myself have tried to get these verified and cannot. At one point, I was told that is God’s job and not the ones reporting these invalidated and now some have been found out to be fraudulent claims. We actually had offered to help, because any news of a resurrection in my opinion is world news if it can be validated. But then when the totals continued to mount which led to hype and embellishment, they began to ask us to stop asking questions. Hmmmm? Friday night, Todd said that God said there were 1000 people that were to give $1000, and they were to receive a 1000 fold blessing. The one hour drama on this giving subject was so deceptively evident that it was embarrasing to watch. On top of that, those that would give that money were able to come to the platform to be recognized….” (Robert Ricciadelli: Stevehickey Blog) […]



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