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I’m leaving the Prophetic Movement – mirror

From: “ANZAC Prophetic List” <prophetic@…>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 15:32:29 -0600
-by Andrew Strom.

RE:  The KC 'Whitedove' Conference (-Main speakers:  Bob Jones,
Paul Keith Davis, Bobby Conner, John Paul Jackson - plus Jim 
Goll and others).

It is with great sadness that I make the following report.

I said last week that the 'Whitedove' conference in Kansas City
this past weekend would be a pivotal one. It certainly was
pivotal for me personally. I wish I could say that there was deep 
repentance - that the preaching was incredibly anointed and the 
crowd were on their faces crying before God. I wish I could say 
that, but I can't.  In fact, it seemed to me that the opposite was 
true. The saddest thing of all is that many people probably came 
away from this conference saying how "wonderful" and "uplifting" 
it was (-just as they always do). But I have to tell you, I was 
grieved to the core by it. Many parts of it I would even describe as
spiritually "sick".

Some people believe that the fall of Paul Cain into serious sin is
some kind of aberration - just one individual's problem. But I am 
convinced that the fall of Paul Cain (-who was recognised worldwide 
as the 'father' of this movement) is a symptom of a much wider
disease. The whole movement is sick. As I have stated in previous 
articles, the 'Prophetic' as we know it is really a "fallen" movement - 
since the early 1990's. But I always held out hope that it would 
somehow turn around and get back on track again. In fact, I believed 
that this conference was a heaven-sent opportunity for that to happen. 

However, after what I saw this weekend, I no longer believe this is 
possible. The deception is now too deep. This movement is being 
"given over to believe a lie" and I want no part of it. I am cutting 
myself off, because I cannot afford the disease to spread into what 
we ourselves are doing. Things have now gotten so bad that we have 
to separate ourselves - and to do so publicly.

As you know, I requested special prayer from you all last week that 
a true spirit of Repentance might prevail in this conference. The 
reason I made this request was because God had woken me up 
at 6 am the previous Friday and given me a strong word about the 
conference. (God only wakes me up like this quite rarely - perhaps 
five times a year).

The word He gave me was that this must be a 'repentance' conference -
that this was in essence the "last chance" for the Prophetic
movement because it had become more and more corrupt -
centered around money and 'ear-tickling' words, false prophecy and
so-on. This was a gathering of KEY prophets at a moment in time 
when the 'father' of the movement had just fallen. It was God's ideal 
moment for a truly "solemn assembly". (And yes - I did write and 
pass this word on - in person - to the three main leaders of the conference).

However, what actually eventuated at this event seemed to me to
be more akin to a circus than a solemn assembly. The music, 
the concert-style lighting, the stage dancers, the groaning tables 
stacked high with books and CD's for sale, the 'ear-tickling', the 
hype, the $40.00 door fee (plus extra offerings taken each session) - 
and that's just for starters.

What really bothered me about the weekend was the total lack 
of any truly 'prophetic' preaching. There was some good stuff on 
Self-pity and Bitterness right near the start, but after that it was 
mostly downhill. As always, there were plenty of anecdotes and 
tales of angelic visitations, etc. There were Scriptures quoted and 
a few helpful insights. But as far as a message that truly pierces 
and challenges and convicts - well, don't go looking for that in THIS 
prophetic movement! In fact, there were warnings AGAINST any 
message that might come across as even slightly "condemning", 
and there was even one of those cute talks on the need for 
"loving oneself", etc.

Today's prophets seem to talk a lot ABOUT the 'sword of the Lord' 
but never actually bring it to bear. They bring no piercing word. And 
thus the entire movement is open to great deception. And instead of 
REPENTANCE, people are getting all kinds of counterfeit spiritual 
experiences. There seems to be almost no discernment at all. 

The ON-STAGE DANCING throughout this conference was a good 
example. Now, I myself am a rock musician, but from the beginning 
these dance items had a rather 'wild' aspect to them that truly made
me uncomfortable in my spirit. There was even one that came 
across like a sensual 'Harem' dance. Much of it really felt "off" - 
and almost anyone who sees the videos will tell you so. Even the 
worship had a very "tribal" feel to it at times. And by Day Three they 
were doing dance items with just loud voodoo-style drums only - 
and leaping around in a frenzied circle making weird cries to the 
super-amplified beat. The feeling in the room was so oppressive and  
"pagan" during this, that I could hardly even bear to stay in there. 
Then came one of the most shocking statements of the whole 
conference - from one of the main prophets. He got up and said  
that people may feel uncomfortable with such obviously "pagan"
type dancing, but that it was originally God's type of dancing and 
we were just now 'stealing back' what the pagans had stolen from God! 

I have to admit, this was the last straw for me. What could be more
blatant? What kind of 'spirits' do they think are being transmitted to
people who open themselves up to that music?  There is no
discernment in this movement at all. 

Now, I do not primarily blame the dancers. They were young and 
possibly immature. (-They weren't actually from 'Whitedove' itself). 
Clearly, most of the blame lies with the main prophets who invited 
them in and openly endorsed and promoted what was happening 
the whole time. They would get up and publicly acclaim these 
dance items, thus ensuring that the spirit of it would pervade the 
entire event. And indeed it did - more and more. 

Remember, most of the major "movers and shakers" of the Prophetic 
movement were at this conference, going along with this stuff. I 
repeat what I said earlier: This movement demonstrates absolutely 
NO DISCERNMENT. I urge everyone to GET OUT NOW, before 
even worse is brought in. I believe this movement is RIGHT NOW 
being given over to deception by God - and it is going to get much worse. 

Even the 'spiritual' moments in this conference often had strong
touches of "Charis-mania" excess about them. And this was not 
the 'harmless, silly' kind of excess, either. It was at a level where I 
believe demonic spirits of deception were clearly at work. By the 
last session the audience was so hyped that they threw away all 
inhibition and leapt into the 'pagan' dancing themselves with wild 
abandon. And one of the main prophets even got up and announced 
that there were angels in the room going around "blowing on people's 
fingers" if only they would lift them up in the air. That particular part
sounds silly, but actually the whole thing by this stage had become 
awful beyond words. Virtually every day I came home utterly grieved 
and depressed. I had come to this conference with great expectancy 
and hope, thinking that the return of Bob Jones may bring a renewal 
of all that was originally good about this movement. I literally came 
as a 'friend' and they turned me into an enemy in the space of three days.

Below are the SPECIFIC THINGS that God told me He has against 
this movement as a whole:
-The giving and receiving of "ear-tickling" words. 
-The giving and receiving of money in expectation of prophecy. 
-False words and false teaching. 
-The lack of a true Repentance message. 
-The spiritual 'blindness' that allows familiar spirits and spirits of
divination to flourish. 
-The failure of this movement to judge itself, meaning that God 
must judge it. 
-The idolising of well-known prophets - placing them on a pedestal. 
-And so on....

WHAT NOW for us?

Well, obviously, with great sadness we must now totally cut 
ourselves off from today's Prophetic Movement. Any related links 
and articles will be removed from our web-site immediately.

As you know, for some time now I have spoken of the 'John-the-
Baptist' type ministries that must arise to preach REPENTANCE 
in the Western nations. -Preachers of righteousness with a piercing 
word, like the Finneys, the Wesleys and the Whitefields of old. 
Such ministries are essential for true Revival to come. I now see 
that this new move must completely "separate itself" from the 
influence of the existing Prophetic movement. We need a 
completely 'NEW' Prophetic, and to keep it from being tainted by 
the sickness that has infected the old, there must be a complete 
cutting-off and a "leaving behind".

I urge all of you to take this before the Lord for yourself. We live 
in very dangerous times, and I believe the old Prophetic literally 
stands under the judgement of God. 

For our ministry in Kansas City, what this means is that we have 
to go right back to the original calling and mandate over this city,
and build on that. We cannot build on the movement that came
after. The 21 days of prayer and fasting, the comet that came, 
and the comission to preach Repentance to the Lukewarm 
church - these were all foundational elements. So too were the four 
standards of "Holiness of heart, Unwavering faith, Day and Night 
prayer, and Extravagant Giving to the Poor". The original Prophetic 
move here seemed to be relatively pure for only a few years - and 
then quickly became a quagmire. So we have to stick to only the 
original foundations - and build on that. Our Sunday night meetings 
in Kansas City will certainly continue.

There were prophecies last year that a 'new' prophetic - a "second 
phase" was about to begin. I do believe this. But what we need to 
make sure of is that it does not become ensnared in the garbage 
of this previous movement. It must be totally NEW.

I would ask that you forward this email to as many Lists as you
can, and to your Christian friends. We want it as widely known
as possible that we have cut off all relations with the current 
Prophetic movement - and why we did it.

To email me with any feedback, please write to:

As you can tell, it has been a terribly sad and devastating weekend 
for myself and my family. We would truly appreciate your prayers
at this time, my friends.

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.

Two transcripts Bob Jones and Todd Bentley May 13, 2008

This is a transcript from the Lakeland “revival” on Tuesday night, May 13, 2008: Todd, Bob Jones and others:

At the end of this one is another transcript from a lady on InJesus.
My comments follow:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 started watching 5:44 pm PST

…. Just TAKE A LITTLE DRINK …. Like this ( he sips in air) … just like that….drink it in; thank you lord; I will try now to get thru one more announcement….laughter breaks out on stage behind him. I’m drunk; laughter brfeaks thru crowd; this man saying, thank you Lord …. Ahhh….. I heard a comedian say one time, I like this job because I get to drink on the job, but he didn’t try this job…I get to drink on this job … I drink the new wine …. Sheekah ….

Now TODD speaks 6:04 pm pst:

— God told me this anointing was very CONTAGIOUS and we are to give it away to the world; leaders are to take this back to their nations and the anointing would be very transferable;

— It’s hard to give announcements with such an anointing; look at Dsvid Tea is now down on the floor; ( Bentley now laughing)… “ho” he yells; aren’t WE ARE HERE FOR THE ANOINTING; we have no agenda; we’re flowing in the H.Ghost, we just want jesus; we want the anointing…now laughing and shaking head”” he yells.

— 6:11 pm pst… todd shaking head; it is just awesome/ lord zap them in their homes; wreck them in their homes; let them be undone in their homes; tonight is a historic night;

6:13 pm pst;….i’ll read to you from Ez 3 what the lord will do tonight; son of man, eat the scroll and go speak to house of Israel ……. And lord said, fill your belly, eat this scroll….in my mouth like honey . ….. speak to house Israel and speak my words to them;
Tonight we will eat HONEY SCROLL; what is honey scroll? It is great commissioning; until you eat, you cannot go; sweet in his mouth, bitter in his stomach; ………… And I heard Lord say tongith is HONEY SCROLL ;

–Holy Spiirt bringing honey scroll; don’t try to figurel out with your head; I’ve had supernatural encounters with lord and COULDN’T FIGURE IT OUT but knew I was recv’g from the spirit; which doesn’t mean we don’t discern or test, but tonight is spiritual impartation;

— Bobby Connor, called and said Bob jones and I are ready to come down to Fl, and I said, I’ve asked and asked bob to come … and bob said not til god says to come; and I PRAYED FOR ANGEL OF THE LORD TO SPEAK TO YOU bob; and bob said, I’d like to come around June 22 thru July 22 causes that is when glory will show up in its fullness;

— 6:24pm PST … 0N April 3rd, I had angelic encounter and I saw this is the one thing, people hate … when I talk about the Angel …. People say ‘don’t talk about the angel’ but I’m telling you, right now, to deny prophetic destiny and what you’ve rec’d from lord is to turn from lord; I could not stand before lord, and say I saw the angel of lord, if I did not see it; god would strike me down; but I saw the the angel of the lord a HEALING ANGEL; april 3rd, I knew what it meant; angel said, as confirmation, call bob on phone right now, but bob doesn’t answser his phone, but bob answered, and bob said ANGEL “WINDS OF CHANGE” visited you this morning, and todd said yes; todd said we need to talk about what is “up” for the angel visited me;

Now BOBBY CONNORS talks: and lord said, this is a night we can eat the HIDDEN MANNA …. Rev 2;17 jesus said hidden manna, god will reveal lhidden secrets and mystic mysteries; god will reveal; god is turning a page tonight; revealing new things; a new level is happening tonight; as high as we are willing to go; god is beckoning us; as moses said, lord show me your glory, and that is how high we will go. So the hidden manna, matt 13:16 a time is now, we can see things and hear and receive things prior generations couldn’t; many long to see and hear what you see/hear, unto you it has been granted (Matt 13:17);YOU CAN CATCH THE ANOINTING not how loud you scream, but how you get into him;

Trevor Baker up on stage from UK at Todd’s request; I heard god, take this fire back to UK; it exploded in my back; these words changed everything I was doing;… this really is transferable;

TODD: bob jones is here now, for trevor;

Bobby connor and jones lay hands yell “:FIRE” more lord , more lord,… trevor on floor, rocking back and forth …. Shaking and yelling; crowd now yelling. Fire come, fire come, fire come to englahd, uk Ireland, wales, Scotland in name of jesus; fire come, fire come;

TODD, this is transferable; it’s going to the UK right now; nows not a time to be sitting down; CATCH THE ANOINTING IN THE AIR; it will fall on you;
TREVOR still running thru crowd laying hands…everyone falling everywhere;

648 pm pst …
TODD: there is a strong prophetic anointing tongith; you have to CATCH IT in the atmosphere;

Now BOB JONES 7:06 pm pst; The Lord is saying, what do I require of them, so they may draw close to ME ; for I’ve come close to them; I’ve brought the golden earing to pierce your ear so you’ll be a love slave to me; for love slave will be closest to me you see, ….

and I’ll put the gold earing in your ear; and then testing will begin, for you will have to obey what you hear; this is what you’ve been wanting , you’ve been wanting to hear frm me; those who are my servants, sometimes they will heal, deliver, but they will always be in my will; so do many different things; for my son did many different things in his day; and now i’m raising sons and daughters that look like Him as relationship increases between me and thee;

BOB JONES: I brought a 100 yr prophecy ;
yr 2000 will reveal the glory of God; wait for next 2 yrs, you haven’t seen anything;
2010 will reveal faith OF god; not faith IN god; OF god; you’ll proclaim it, if you have the earing in;
2020’s the REST of God; god will work his work thru you;
2030’s the FAMILY of God;
2040 Kingdom of God;
2050 Sons and Daughter of God; CHURCH WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BUT will look like Christ; make long range plans;
LORD is looking for Joshua generation, people over 50 yrs old, get vision of serving god; Joshua was 85 yrs old and lived longer;; lord after peole with long range vision; …..

I’ll tell you about the glory, demons will scream when you walk in restaurant, and they’ll leave; people will say, depression just left me in grocery store when you came around me; you WON;T HAVE TO WITNESS;
people will come lookg for you; god’s jubilee…people come to YOU because you hav answer; ( its now 7;23 pm pst.)

— Another word came to me 15 yrs ago, when the Canadian Dollar is equal to American dollar revival would come; to be the greatest show on earth would begin, a 3 ring circus and I would live to see it; 1 ring, praise; center ring, proclamation;

In Zech, amplified, 1: last 2 verses, says, holy terrors to terrorize kingdom of darkness; ….. crowd yells …… holy terrors will take powers away ; and the angel in this Zechariah …. I think the ANGELS YOU ARE SEEING ARE UNCREATED in Zechariah; So I think you should have visitations, and purpose of senior prophets is to get you to understand what you are hearing; if you are born again, you hear his voice; don’t contribute it to your mind; interpret what you hear, then you’ll know how to respond, hear and obey; we are getting ready for greatest showing on earth …. Greater than jesus on earth…because thousands of you look just like him; you’ll put enemy to flight; ask for the nations; so I’ve seen great revivals, that die in 2 – 3 dys, but this isn’t dying; we imparted it from Canada to start with …. Laughs, … now lets start exporting it;

TODD: this is like big fire …. Lets export it;

BOB: And an angel appeared to me, told me to get paul keith (here tomorrow) and ken maddock, bobby Connors … HEALING ANGEL, called winds of change appeared to me …. Do you (crowd) believe in angels? …. Yes? ….. well, I saw winds of change said, extreme weather patterns in every form; winds shutting down entire towns from north west; so TODD you are from north west, you need to shut down towns;

— And 3 powerful angels are here; emma, means healing and another called grace; winds of change.

TODD the winds been blowing, bob; people out of wheelchairs;

BOB: so I RELEASED MY ANGELS TO HIM …….this man of Canada asked for my angels ; this wind of change is most powerful …. Except for the arch angels, this ‘winds of change’, this is the most powerful angel. …. To blow away stupor, fog; get glory of god on you. So faith of god will work thru you. It’s not that hard to understand;

— this 3 ring circus that has begun here, has lots of intercession behind it;

TODD: so 3 ring circus is praise, proclamation and intercession.

BOB: yup. These 3 work together; keep that intercession; get active there; praise is like enema to clean you out. You can join witgh h.spirit and become one with h.spirit.

— TODD: so we’ve had revival? Now this is maturity? Glory? A PORTAL OPEN THAT WILL NEVER BE CLOSED ??

BOB: right; this will never quit; the church is changing; winds of change.
As I watch you, you VIBRATE. You know there are 2 PORTALS, clock wise and counter clock wise …. When you VIBRATE you close demonic vibration …. Counter clock wise vibration is demonic. The VIBRATION IS HEALING. Does it seems peculiar? (He waves his hands ….. I’m realeaseing it to you);

BONNIE JONES; bill Johnson, arnott’s, randy clark, Heidi baker, in Hawaii called, bob talking with them, bob told them about 3rd wave coming, such a huge wave, and as speaking, randy clark said tsunami like wave came out of ocean at that same time

TODD: Che said, 3rd wave, tsunaimi wave like came and nearly splashed all of them laying on the grass

BOB: and the 3rd wave is commitment.

TODD: How many ready for this 3rd wave that doesn’t stop. A PORTAL god will open, this wind blow wherever it wishes, to bring us to maturity. Can we pray for this impartation bob.

BOB: just take deep breath. Now make commitment. It will cost you everything so surrender everything. He’ll take care of everything. To do his pleasure; it’s time for great harvest beginning; let this wave flow over them, for if it has cleaned them up to their waist, their base nature is being destroyed so their spiritual nature can come forth; so they can move in the spirit and in obedience. To hear and obey, there is no other way. Let it now begin in everyone. And a commitment, in jesus name. so the father can be glorified on the earth……. (People shaking in the audience …. Some jumping….. tv scans the crowd 7:52 pm pst)

— BOB: Now I see water pots, filled with the spirit you are water pots; being prepared for the wedding, filled with the very best wine; the joy of the lord; 7:53 pm pst;

TODD: june 22 – july 22 god said glory would fall?

BOB: yes, but this is preparation for that abiding glory. he WANTS to co-habitate with you; don’t worry about the enemy; god kicks him out; god puts him to shame; and god calling his children to kick instead of being kicked; be a terror, instead of being terrorized; so he wants to talk to his family; he;s been waiting long time; and shouts of his children; are covering his throne; and gets ready for shouts of god on scale you’ve never heard before. (MY NOTE: God already DOES live IN us; we ARE His family, thru the Blood; why should God be waiting!)

— BOB: and you won’t need a smoke machine, because god is going to show up. The glory of papa. I was told to call him papa. That means I am close to him.

TODD: let’s pray right now….last tv moment. Pray for multiplication for this. Touch your computer screen. There is a glory here and a prophetic word. In the wind is the vibration, the windo of change. And in the wind is the healing of god. Just ASK GOD FOR THE VIBRATION NOW. And bob jones will impart the vibration right now. (Todd head shaking) …. How many want this change? Bob jones is seer, prophet. You have to hear with your spirit. There is a PORTAL here that will never close. Thank you lord. We release it tongith in name of Jesus.

Tomorrow bobby Connors preaching at ignited church. Good night to tv audience. Bob jones and bobby Connors here tomorrow night …… god tv shut down at that word ….. 8:01 pm pst esday, May 13, 2008 started watching 5:44 pm PST

DAVID (David T, or TEE, or TEA??) speaking:
— I feel a lot of angelic activity up here tonight; some critics say, ‘well I don’t like them talking about angels, ‘ well you better cut out the pages of your bible then, because the bible is full of it.’ Man, I feel DRUNK; (he’s Saying “sheekah” …. like speaking in a tongue)

…. Just TAKE A LITTLE DRINK …. Like this ( he sips in air) … just like that….drink it in; thank you lord; I will try now to get thru one more announcement….laughter breaks out on stage behind him. I’m drunk; laughter brfeaks thru crowd; this man saying, thank you Lord …. Ahhh….. I heard a comedian say one time, I like this job because I get to drink on the job, but he didn’t try this job…I get to drink on this job … I drink the new wine …. Sheekah ….
End of Transcript

Here is anther transcript from Sandy Warner, on her InJesus website. This transcript is Todd and Bob Jones only:


The Toronto Deception – mirror

The Toronto Deception by Pastor Paul Gowdy

September 13, 2007 in apostasy, christianity, Christians, Church, discernment, God, new age, religion, spiritual growth, Spiritual Life, Spirituality | Tags:


Paul has a new blog and here it is

The Toronto Deception

By a former Toronto Vineyard Pastor

It has taken me nine years to actually come to the place where I would write this story. Part of the reason was because I was not fully convinced that it is appropriate to speak out against weaknesses in the body of Christ publicly. Another reason is because it has taken years of soul searching to become convinced that what happened in the Toronto Airport Church was actually all bad or at least more bad than good!
For the past number of years I have called it a mixed blessing. I think James A. Beverly called it this in his book Holy Laughter and the Toronto Blessing 1994. Today I would call it a mixed curse concluding that any individual good that came from this experience is far outweighed by much harm and satanic deception. I suppose that therein has been my dilemma. I have tried to live my life in the fear of the Lord and Jesus told us that the unforgivable sin was the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Attributing to Satan what was in fact a work of God. If pressed as to whether or not the Toronto blessing is all God or all Devil I will still be hedgy, but I am convinced that Satan has used this experience to blind people to the historical doctrines of God, to produce fruit in keeping with repentance, to failing to test and discern the spirits and failing to test prophecy.
After three years of being in the thick of the Toronto blessing our Vineyard assembly in Scarborough ( East Toronto) just about self destructed. We devoured one another, with gossip, backstabbing, division, sects criticism etc. After three years of ‘soaking,’ praying for people, shaking, rolling, laughing, roaring, ministering at TACF on their prayer team, leading worship at TACF, preaching at TACF, basically living at TACF we were the most carnal, immature and deceived Christians that I know. I remember saying to my friend and senior pastor at Scarborough Vineyard Church in 1997 that ever since the Toronto Blessing came we have just about fallen to bits! He agreed!
My experience has been that the manifestation of spiritual gifts mentioned in 1st Corinthians 12 was much more common in our assembly, before January 1994 (when the Toronto blessing started.) than during this period of supposed Holy Spirit visitation.
During 1992-1993 when praying for people we would experience what I believe was genuine prophesy, deliverance and much grace and favour from the Lord. After the Toronto Blessing started, all ministry time changed, the only prayers were ‘More Lord MORE ’, the shouting of ‘Fire’ the jerky shaking of the body with the ‘ooh ooh OOH WOOOAAH’ prayer. (I kid you not!)
On January 20th 1994 about 15 people from our church traveled over to Toronto Airport Vineyard in order to listen to Randy Clark, a Vineyard pastor from the USA. John Arnott had called our senior pastor to invite us. He communicated that Randy had been to the Rodney Howard Browne meetings and that the stuff had broke out in his church in the following weeks. John was hoping that something might break out with us too. We were only too happy to travel over. We were a church plant out of the Toronto Airport and we started in 1992. In those days there were three Vineyard Churches in Toronto. One Down Town church, Scarborough vineyard church to the east and the Airport Church. We were one big happy family. Because we were small in number we did special meetings, conferences etc, together.
The year before most of our leadership teams joined and had headed to Nicaragua for a short term missions trip. We had genuine love and fellowship with each other. Since leaving the Vineyard churches I have read a fair bit of analysis from the critics.
Some make out that the Toronto Blessing was one huge conspiracy to lead the body of Christ into heresy. Heresy and apostasy I suspect may well be the result, but none of these destinations were intentional. I am honestly convinced that the leaders in the Vineyard churches are genuine born-again Christians who love the Lord, but have fallen into deception. They have not loved the Lord enough to keep His commandments. They have failed to obey the scriptures and have been led astray by our longing for something bigger and brighter and more exciting and dynamic. I am guilty of this sin also. I have preached renewal in Korea, the United Kingdom, the USA and here in Canada. I am genuinely repentant and in writing this story I would ask you the bride and body of Christ to forgive me. Especially the Pentecostal / Charismatic Christians among you, for you are my immediate family theologically. I am an evangelical Christian, I always have been but I do not believe in the cessation of the spiritual gifts at the end of the apostolic era. I believe that it was my evangelical roots (my family are Baptists and I was born again in the Presbyterian Church.) that started to open my eyes to problems with this so called renewal.
In hind sight I look back and think how could I have been so blind? I laughed at people acting like dogs and pretending to urinate on the columns of the TACF building. I watched people pretend to be animals, bark, roar, cluck, pretend to fly as if they had wings, perpetually act drunk and sing silly songs. How I thought that any of this was from the Holy Spirit of God amazes me today. It was loud irreverent and blasphemous to the Holy God of the Bible. I suppose in my mind I reasoned that as long as they did not teach any thing in direct violation to scripture then it was what we called the exotic. This is a buzz word for manifestations that could not be justified from a biblical perspective. I was taught from the pulpit that we had two options. The order of the nursery full of life and messy or the order of the graveyard, very orderly but dead!
As a young immature pastor I wanted life with mess. I failed to remember that God wants us to become mature and grow up in him. I became disconcerted by the prophetic words that came forth especially one by Carol Arnott in which she had her bride experience where she was taken into the very presence of Jesus and said that the love that she experienced was even better than sex! I was shocked in my spirit and thought how can one compare the love of God with sex? When we suspected that demons were running riot in our services John Arnott would teach that we should ask are they coming or going. If they are leaving then that is ok! John would defend the chaos by saying that we ought not be afraid of being deceived, if we have asked the Holy Spirit to come and fill us then how could Satan come and deceive us? This would make Satan very strong and God very weak! He said that we needed to have more faith in a Big God to protect us than in a Big Devil to deceive us. This sounded very convincing but was totally contrary to scripture for Jesus and Paul and Peter and John all warn us about the power of deceiving spirits and especially so in the last days. Again we did not love God enough to obey His Word and the result was that we opened ourselves up to lying spirits. May God have mercy upon us!
Finally the penny dropped for me as I was rolling around one night ‘drunk in the Spirit’ as we would say. I started singing and as I rolled around the floor the Nursery Rhyme ‘Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow.’ came to mind. I sang this in a mocking spirit and instantly my heart told me this was a demon. Instantly I repented and was in total shock. How could a demon get into me? Did I not love God? Was I not zealous for the things of God? Was I not nuts about Jesus? I knew that an unclean spirit had just manifested through me and I was guilty of great sin. After this experience I stayed away from TACF. I did not go back there any more. I did not possess the conviction to denounce the whole experience but thought that we where failing to pastor the Blessing well enough.
Even after I stopped going over to TACF, I had to pastor the fruit of it. One example was when some of our people returned from a meeting there asking us if we had all received the golden sword of the Lord? I asked them what they were talking about thinking that it was some prophetic reference to the Holy Scriptures but they said, ‘no, its not the Bible, it’s an invisible golden sword that only the really pure can receive. If taken in an unrighteous fashion then the Lord would kill you. But if you are holy enough to receive it then you can wield this sword and it will heal aids, Cancer etc. and bring salvation. How one wielded this sword was by pretending to have this invisible sword in your hand and motioning to strike people with it when in prayer! I thought while even in deception at this time that the TACF had become Looney bins! This was purportedly first received by Carol Arnott and then given to the ones holy enough to receive it!
Another thing was the golden fillings in the teeth. We had people in our assembly peeping down one another’s throats looking for the gold fillings that God had placed there to show how much he loved them! In all my time there I only heard one message on repentance given by a visiting speaker from Hong Kong named Jackie Pullinger. It went over like a lead balloon. We were not there to repent, we were there to party in the Lord! After one year into the blessing I spoke out at a pastors meeting and said ‘guys we have shaken, rattled, rolled, laughed cried and bought the tee-shirt. But we have no revival, no salvation, no fruit and no increased evangelism so what’s the deal?’ I was soundly rebuked – who was I to expect to see fruit when the Lord was healing his broken people? We had been legalistic long enough and God was spending this time restoring his wounded and freeing us from legalism I was told not to push the Lord and the harvest would come in his time.’
I knew this was wrong because the Lord had commanded us to go into all the earth and make disciples! Not, that everyone should take a sabbatical for who knows how long, while God does some strange new thing! Ultimately I left over something as controversial as the ordination of women. Personally I believe from scripture that women should not be pastors/ elders in a local assembly. I could be wrong on this and there is much debate in the Church today but that is my conviction and in the Vineyard churches they were ordaining all the pastors wives to co pastor with them. I am certainly for women in ministry but believe that the Elder/ pastor role in a local assembly has been reserved for men. I did not write scripture but God willing I will have the grace from now on to obey it.
So there is my story. I could go on and document much excess, folly, sin and latter day reign teaching that manifest from the prophetic end of this Blessing but others have already done that. We sang about Joel’s army and the billion soul revival as if it were one of the Ten Commandments, and as always it was just around the corner. Next month, next year etc. Jesus said that when the son of man returns will he find faith upon the earth? And if he does not return when he does no flesh would be saved but for the sake of the elect he comes. This is a far cry from the dominionism that is being taught all through the vineyard / prophetic/ spiritual warfare movement. I honestly think that they think they are going to take over the whole world! While in the Vineyard I embraced a life verse from the Apostle Paul the phrase do not go beyond what is written!
To finish I just want to say sorry for the damage, that I have personally done by teaching things that are not correct biblically. I repent before men as I already have before God. I will not excuse my falling into deception. I did not bother to test things when the scriptures commanded us to do so. Everyone who was there when this thing started knows that what I write is true, they would just come to different conclusions especially if they are still promoting the ‘river!’
To those in the river I would say swim out, there are things living in the water that will bite you real good! I love the people of TACF and the Vineyard movement but I think that we have much to answer for and may the Lord open your eyes sooner rather than later. I suspect that when this letter goes online I will get bombarded by emails from both camps, some damning me for still believing in the ministry of the Holy Spirit and still walking in deception and some old friends damning me for exposing dirt or being negative about the Lords anointed! Well, the Lord knows my heart and by his grace he will guide me into all truth as I seek to know Christ and him crucified! If you believe that I walk in sin and error please pray for me that the Lord would forgive me and open my eyes. I will study the word to show my self a work man approved! I would call on all who read this to pray that the Lord would open the eyes of all who have been involved in this deception. Whether leader or follower, we are loved and the Lord is a forgiving God. He says if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. I believe we are like the church in Laodicea, we think that we are rich, have prospered and need nothing, we do not realise that we are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked. We must take the Counsel of Jesus and buy gold refined in the fire (which is his suffering, not a false spirit!), white garments to clothe our shameful nakedness and salve for our eyes that we might see again. Jesus is calling us to repentance and thank the Lord that he is, for it will lead us to true restoration with our Father! If God has forgiven me and opened my eyes then he can do it for all those caught in deception too. I will finish with a warning from Paul, he says if you think you are standing firm be careful lest you fall.
Sincerely Paul Gowdy.

New Wine Drinking Song

Opname van deze tekst op onze site is puur en alleen als mirror ter ondersteuning van het vertaalde boek van Andrew Strom en de bijbehorende artikelen op onze site, zoals het artikel ‘Quotes en verwijzingen Kundalini Warning

Opname op onze site betekent dus geenszins dat wij achter de ‘inhoud’ van dit lied staan!!


Dear New Winos:

I am not a songwriter, neither the son of a songwriter, but the Lord gave me a “New Winos Drinking Song Number One”. You can sing it to the tune of “Tis the Gift to be Simple” or “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder”.

See if it makes you as drunk as it makes me!
It goes like this:
If you feel too serious and kind of blue,
I’ve got a suggestion, just the thing for you!
It’s a little unconventional, but so much fun,
That you won’t even mind when people think you’re dumb!

Just come to the party God is throwing right now,
We can all lighten up and show the pagans how
Christians have more fun and keep everyone guessing,
Since the Holy Ghost sent us the Toronto blessing!

I used to think life was serious stuff;
I didn’t dare cry, so I acted kind of tough
‘Til the Spirit of God put laughter in my soul,
Now the Holy Ghost’s got me, and I’m out of control!


Now I’m just a party animal grazing at God’s trough,
I’m a Jesus junkie, and I can’t get enough!
I’m an alcoholic for that great New Wine,
‘Cause the Holy Ghost is pouring, and I’m drinking all the time!

Now I laugh like an idiot and bark like a dog,
If I don’t sober up, I’ll likely hop like a frog!
And I’ll crow like a rooster ‘til the break of day,
‘Cause the Holy Ghost is moving, and I can’t stay away!

Now I roar like a lioness who’s on the prowl,
I laugh and I shake, maybe hoot like an owl!
Since God’s holy river started bubbling up in me,
It spills outside, and it’s setting me free!

So, I’ll crunch and I’ll dip and I’ll dance round and round,
‘Cause the pew was fine, but it’s more fun on the ground!
So I’ll jump like a pogo stick, then fall on the floor,
‘Cause the Holy Ghost is moving, and I just want MORE!

Love, Kathryn Riss

Dear New Winos:

Re: the “New Winos Drinking Song Number One”:

The Lord gave me a better tune for it. It’s a variation on “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.” The “Jesus Junkie” verse turns out to be the chorus, so just sing it in between the other verses. It follows the chorus tune of “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder”. The third line repeats the first line. The fourth line repeats the beginning of the second line, then bounces down. Fill in the long notes (“ROLL, YONDER,” etc.) with dotted eighths and sixteenths to fit in the words. The verses sound like the verses for “When the Roll”, except that instead of holding out the last note (“FAIR, THERE,” etc.), you continue the bouncy rhythm and do a little turn to fit in the words. It’s easy! See if you can figure it out — I don’t think I can do music notation on the computer very well. I play it in the key of C, because that’s the easiest key to figure out on the piano if you don’t know how to play the piano, which I don’t. As I said, I am not a songwriter, neither the son of a songwriter!

Somebody asked me for permission to “use it.” I told the Lord if He ever gave me any music, I would give it away. So, the rules I just made up for “using it” are:

1. Everybody sing it as much as you want and get as drunk as you can! Just thinking about it gives me holy laughter. I taught the Jesus Junkie verse (it was all I could get out from laughing so hard) to our little prayer group last night, and they all got pretty sloshed, for Presbyterians. Especially since the guy who was supposed to bring his guitar came late, without it, so the only other music we sang all evening was “Happy Birthday to You.” A capella.

2. Pass it on to as many other New Winos as you want.

3. Post any new verses you make up to the New Wine List, so we can all enjoy them.

4. Give God ALL the glory, and DON’T MERCHANDISE IT. Just give it away! Don’t put your name on it, copyright it, make a jillion tapes and sell it, or otherwise use it to try to become a big shot. Let God be the big shot; we’ll all stay little shots and have more fun! (It’s a proven fact that big shots have more headaches.)

I think any other Drinking Songs the Lord gives us should be handled the same way. Okay?

Kathryn Riss


An interview with Evangelist Steve Hill

Steve Hill is the evangelist who helped to spark the revival at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensecola, Florida on Father’s Day 1995. Over 100,000 people have responded to the Gospel in over two years at Brownsville AOG.

What prepared you for this revival?

I was saved out of the drug culture. My background has helped me as far as the soul-winning aspect.

Early in my Christian life, back in 1977, I got around David Wilkerson’s ministry. He had an academy in Texas called Twin Oaks, a two-year leadership academy. Leonard Ravenhill taught on prayer, Nicky Cruz taught evangelism. It was a school where you were held responsible for what you learned. And if you did not learn, they would kick you out.

They would teach us on evangelism and then put us in a van, drive us to the streets of Dallas to a dope party, dump us out and say, “Go into that dope party, we’ll pick you up at four in the morning.” It was just hard-core evangelism. Instead of teaching the Four Spiritual Laws, they’d say, “Get out there, learn from experience.” When we came back, we’d talk about some of the hindrances we had, the bad experiences, and what we would change about our approach. Then they’d send us out again. You know very quickly whether you’re called to evangelism.

I graduated from that school, and went into church ministry. It was when I took a group of young people to Mexico that God called me to the mission field. I went to Argentina, and the very first meeting I went to was a Carlos Annacondia meeting out in the middle of a soccer field. I’d never seen anything like it in my life. I saw fifteen to twenty-thousand people craving God. I mean, going after God.

I had Carlos lay hands on me one night, and I feel that from him came a real evangelistic anointing. I’ve had the evangelism desire all my life, but I watched him–he’s led over two million people to Jesus. At one o’clock in the morning he’s still praying with people. At two o’clock in the morning, he’s still laying hands on people. He’ll go night after night. He’s so common, so loving, all he cares about is that one little boy, that one grandpa, that one uncle that’s coming to Jesus.

I hung around that for seven years, and you absorb it.

How did you end up at Holy Trinity Brompton Anglican Church in London?

I read in Time magazine how God was moving. I had been to London several times, and I thought, “I’ve got to see this. I’ve got to see God moving in the Anglican Church because I can’t imagine it.” The article said they were laughing, they were falling, and I had a very critical spirit.

I went to the bed and breakfast that we stay at when I’m in London; it’s owned by a Christian couple. I asked them where God was moving, and they said, “It’s our church.” They went to Holy Trinity Brompton.

I said, “I need to make an appointment with the pastor.”

They said, “Steve, he’s the busiest man in Europe. All of Europe comes here to get prayed for by him.”

I said, “Call him up and ask if he has time to pray for a Texan.” I wanted a little private visit with this guy [Sandy Miller] to see what was going on.

I went there at two o’clock that afternoon and there was a conference going on. I walked into the stately Anglican church in downtown London right by Harrod’s, the richest area of town, and stepped over about 500 bodies, people shaking all over the place. I had seen things like that before, but I’m an evangelist, so I’m after souls. If I can’t see hundreds and hundreds of people getting saved, then I’ll leave.

The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “You don’t need to talk to Sandy Miller. Just have him pray for you.” I walked up to him and said, “My name is Steve.” He says, “Oh my, we have an appointment at three o’clock, but look what’s happened in my church.”

I went up to him, he laid his hands on my head and it was over. I mean, I went down under the power of the Holy Spirit.

How do you channel revival fire?

That’s the most frustrating part to pastors because you can only live so long in this renewal. The first week after this broke out, I spoke a message on how to benefit from a divine refreshing. The first point was get all you can get. The second one was mix vegetables with the honey. Make sure you keep your feet on the ground. And the third one was let your stall get dirty. Where there is no oxen, the stall is clean. Get out there. You’re bubbly, you’re all on fire with the Christians, but let that happen at the workplace. And that’s what they started to do. And people started pouring in.

What is the relevance of it beginning Father’s Day?

I believe that was just a real special divine appointment. We didn’t really think about that. It was just totally spontaneous. The Father, he showed up on Father’s Day the way he did, and just loved on us. And you know, everybody got back to work. They got back to work in the fields and going after God, because they felt the nearness of the Lord.

What is the most important thing God has taught you through this revival?

What I’m convinced of more than anything else is the urgency of the hour. The urgency of the hour and the necessity of right now.

This is not a coliseum, this is not a secular place, this is night after night, sinners are coming to a church. Why? They’re hungry. People are hungry and God has sent the famine. The Bible says in Amos, that God will send the famine. The famine for truth. So he’s going to do his part; we’re the feeding station. We’re the ones with tractor-trailer rigs full of food. We’re laden down with everything these people need but they come into our churches and what do they get? Nothing. They don’t get fed. They need to hear about hell. They need to hear the full gospel. But they don’t get it. God is doing his part, we need to do our part.

How do you keep track of what is taking place at the altar?

We’re seeing a thousand people saved a week, but we are very conservative with the figures. To me, when someone comes up and has backslidden, that’s a salvation. They are a prodigal. They’ve been living in sin. He came back, crawled on his face and he said, “I’m not worthy. I can’t even be under your roof.” And the Father received him. That’s why Charles Finney and Jonathan Edwards preached about backslidden conditions. Our country was back-slidden. When we give that altar call, there are a lot of people that are saved for the first time. A lot of people that come down that have never known the Lord, but there are also a lot of people that are backsliders and prodigals that are coming back to the Lord.

After they come to the altar, what happens to them? How do you follow up with so many people?

There are a lot of people that are coming from out of state. I had never seen anything like this. We have fathers and mothers bringing their unsaved children from Minnesota. They bring in van loads from Birmingham and have four or five unsaved people in the van to be prayed for healing. They come down here and they get saved, and so we encourage them to get involved in the local church. We do our very best to link them with people who have brought them, or we tell them about local Methodist churches and Baptist churches. Several pastors have gleaned people from this revival. But its an unusual type of situation because so many people are coming in from other areas that it is literally impossible for us to keep tabs on everybody that is coming. But another beauty of this is that a lot of people who get saved keep coming back because this is not a one week thing. So this is also like a discipleship process.

What do you make of the physical manifestations?

The Lord is welcome in this place to do anything he wants. But there is a balance here. They receive the gospel, they receive the cross, the blood. When the manifestations come, I welcome the manifestations, but I don’t major on the minors.

This last days awakening, mark these words–I’m not a prophet, this is not a prophecy–but this is what is going to happen. This awakening is going to shake this country, the power is going to come down.

I’m also a youth evangelist, and we are dealing with a culture that may not be demon-possessed, but they are possessed by demons. They are consumed with demonic warfare twenty-four hours a day. They have seen the power of Satan at work. You watch any rock concert, the frenzy, the fire, the pull, the enthusiasm that’s there. We talk about our God, and the power of God. We sing, “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” and they’re going, “Where is it?” They want to believe, but they see mom and dad are limp, weak, and they respond, “Where is the power? Mom, you’re popping valium and prozac and everything else and you’re talking about the power of God? Give me a break, Momma.” And so they come into this meeting, the punkers come in here, every age, every kind of person in the world comes into this meeting and they are hit by the power of God. Undeniably swept off their feet by the power of God and they basically by the hundreds say, “What must I do to be saved?”

Does everyone respond so positively?

There will be folks here tonight, who are skeptical and critical–they hate this revival. They don’t want anything to do with it, but they are out there tonight, and they are going to get saved. They are going to fall to the ground under the power of God, they’re going to be back next week with their friends. Why? They’re out here because they’re curious, they’re out here because Aunt Mabel was healed of cancer, they’re here for a million different reasons.

Are you overwhelmed by the historic nature of this revival?

What is phenomenal about this is the fact that when I look upon the people I see all the hunger. They come from the corners of the globe. They don’t come for the beaches. They come for this meeting and yeah, that blows me away. And I’m beginning to see how this could affect the nation. People are attracted to the fire. John Wesley said it: “I set myself on fire and the people come to watch me burn.”


Written by Steve Beard of Good News Magazine


A different Gospel?

by Sandy Simpson

The purpose of this document is to bring into question a number of the teachings and actions that have recently come to Micronesia via people who have had hands laid on them by Steve Hill, evangelist of the Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola, Fl. Quotes will be used from the Brownsville meetings on Guam as well as leaders at Brownsville and the Toronto Airport Fellowship in Canada, since these movements are linked directly, and what was said and done in both cases are virtually the same.1 Their statements and works will be compared directly to Scripture.2 This is done because we, as the body of Christ, are to always test the spirits and preach as well as stand firmly in the sound doctrine found in Scripture.



A Collection of Articles on Kundalini Manifestations – Mirror

Some characteristic Symptoms of Awakened Kundalini

An excerpt from Devatma Shakti (Kundalini): Divine Power by Swami Vishnu Tirtha. This book can be ordered from Spiritual Book Service.

Some characteristic symptoms of the awakened kundalini are here given below from Mahayoga Vijãna, a treatise on the subject in Hindi by Shri Yogãnandji Mahãrãja, the author’s revered guru. They are illustrative and by no means exhaustive:-

  1. When throbbing of mooladhar begins, the whole body shakes, involuntary kumbhak (filling in of the lungs with air) starts beyond control, breath is forcibly exhaled out, without volition deep inhaling and exhaling of breath starts and the body gets uncontrollable, know then that Kundalini has awakened. You then should give up your assertion and sit witnessing what happens.
  2. When Your body begins trembling, hair stands on roots, you laugh or begin to weep without your wishing, your tongue begins to utter deformed sounds, you are filled with fear or see frightening visions, semen passes out, think that the Kundalini Shakti has become active.
  3. When your posture becomes fixed, uddiyan, jalendhar, and moolbandhas come involuntarily, your tongue reverts back or rises up towards the soft palate and the whole body becomes so active that you are unable to sit still, your hands and legs stretch out forcibly, you ought to know that the Divine power of the goddess Kundalini has come into action.
  4. When your posture becomes fixed and sight is attracted toward the middle point of eyebrows, the eyeballs begin to revolve, you get automatic kewal-kumbhak, cessation of breath comes with no effort for inhaling or exhaling and the mind becomes vacant, void of all outward knowledge, understand that Mahãmãyã the first born Shakti, the goddess Kundalini has come into action.
  5. When you feel currents of Prãna rising up your cerebrum within you, automatic repetition of Aum starts and the mind experiences waves after waves of blissful beatitude, think the Universal Mother Kundalini has come into action.
  6. When different kinds of Nãd become audible, in your spinal column you experience vibrations, feeling of bodily existence for the time being is lost, in other words you feel as if there is no body, everything looks vacant, your eyelids become closed and open not in spite of your efforts, electric-like currents seem flowing up and down the nerves and you have convulsions, know that Mahãmãyã Kundalini has come into action.
  7. When with the closing of eyelids your body falls to the ground, or begins to rotate like a grinding stone and breath comes not out, the body squatted on floor crosslegged begins to jump from place to place like a frog, or moves from place to place, or lies down like one dead, hands may not be lifted even if so desired, you feel contraction of nerves, you feel as if your life is passing away, the body undergoes convulsions like a dying fish, know that Yogamaya Kundalini has come into action.
  8. When your mind gets influenced spiritually as if some spirit has taken possession of your body and under that influence different postures of yoga are involuntarily performed, without the least pain or fatigue and you feel increasingly buoyant, and simultaneously strange sort of breathing exercises start, think that the Divine power of Kundalini has come into action.
  9. When no sooner you have sat with eyes closed than in an instant the body begins to show activity of throwing out limbs forcibly, deformed sounds are loudly uttered, your speech begins to utter sounds like those of animals, birds and frogs or of a lion or like those of jackals, dogs, tigers, fear inspiring and not pleasing to hear, understand that the Great Goddess Kundalini has come into action.
  10. When you feel vibrations of prana at different stations inside your body and feel its flow wherever you fix your attention and nerves begin to show easy jerks like jerks of electricity as if passing through them, know that the Goddess Kundalini has come into action.
  11. When all day and night you feel within your body some activity of prana and whenever you concentrate your mind, your body at once begins to shake or begins tossing and your mind remains filled with joy and bliss at all times, even when at call of nature, even during sleep you feel currents of prãna rising up in your sahasrãr and even in dreams you experience Her presence, know that the joy-inspiring Kundalini has come into action.
  12. As soon as you sit for prayers your body begins to shake and in ecstasy of joy you begin to sing hymns in tones of music charming to hear and whose composition and poetry come out involuntarily, your hands giving a rhythmical clapping, and you pronounce languages you know not, but the sound ecstasizes your mind, know that the Goddess of speech, Saraswati, has awakened into action.
  13. When you feel intoxicated without taking any drug, while walking your steps fall majestically or like one drunk and you are unable to do any other work and you like to remain mute and dislike speaking to or hearing others and you feel like one drunk of Divinity, know that your Atma Shakti Kundalini, the power of Self, has come into action.
  14. While walking, when your mind is filled with an impulse to walk faster and your feet begin to move a running, you feel your body light like air and do not feel fatigued even having walked long enough, you feel buoyant and joyful, you are not unhappy even in dreams, you can keep the balance of your mind undisturbed in all ups and downs, and you acquire an inexhaustible energy for work, know that the Brahma Shakti Kundalini has come into action.
  15. When you are in meditation you see visions divine and fall in a dreamy state of mind, have divine smells, see divine figures, feel divine tastes, hear divine sounds and experience divine touch and receive instructions from Gods, then understand that the divine power of Kundalini has come into action.
  16. When you are in meditation, future unfolds its secrets to you or the hidden meaning of scriptures, Vedas and Vedãnta shine in your understanding, all doubts vanish, you acquire an insight into the abstruse meaning of the works on spiritual science even at their first glance, you acquire strange powers of oratory and feel not the need of approaching even Brahma, the creator himself, for knowledge and you acquire self-confidence, understand then that Kundalini the bestower of siddhis (occult powers) has come into action.
  17. When seated for meditation your sight becomes fixed on the mid of eyebrows, your tongue rises up for Khechari, breath stops altogether and mind plunges into the ocean of bliss, shambhavi mudrã operates and you experience the pleasure of savikalpa samãdhi, know that subtle power of Kundalini is in action.
  18. When at morning and evening hours punctually and automatically your body becomes charged with such of the divine influences, and body, mind and prãna become overpowered by Her, know that the Goddess Kundalini is rightly functioning.

Yoga and New Trends in Christianity

‘Kneel to yourself. Honour and worship your own being. God dwells within you as You.’ Swami Muktananda, Hindu guru

‘I know that in me, that is in my flesh, dwells no good thing.’ Paul the Apostle

At a New Age fair, where I was helping with a Christian witness, a young man told me that he rejected all religious systems. He said that he was discovering god as a force within himself and so finding harmony with all created things. When I told him that he was in fact following the ancient religious system of Hinduism, he said angrily, ‘I don’t like Christians telling me what to believe,’ and walked off.

This brief conversation highlighted the conflict between the eastern religious world view now being accepted by many people in the West, and the biblical world view now being rejected. According to Biblical Christianity the basic problem of humanity is our sin nature which causes us to break God’s laws and thus separates us from God who is holy. The solution is to invite God into our lives through repentance and faith in the Gospel message: that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself through the sacrificial death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Before we take this step of faith, God is outside of our lives. After doing this He is inside our lives, dwelling within us by the Holy Spirit.

According to Hinduism the problem of humanity is not a moral one, but one of a lack of knowledge. God already dwells within us, but we do not know this. We have lost contact with our innate divinity through becoming entangled in the material world and being limited by our rational finite minds. The solution is to discover the ‘god within’ through experiencing a higher state of expanded consciousness. It was evident from the huge numbers of young people attending the New Age fair that this idea is far more attractive to many today than the traditional Christian view. New Age devotee Miriam Starhawk has written, ‘The longing for expanded consciousness has taken many of us on a spiritual journey to the East and to Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist concepts. Eastern religions offer a radically different approach to spirituality than Judeo-Christian traditions. Their goal is not to know God but to be God. In many ways these philosophies are close to witchcraft.’ (Yoga journal May 1986).

How does Hinduism claim that one can experience an ‘altered state of consciousness’ leading to discovery of ‘godhood’? Over thousands of years it has developed numerous techniques to manipulate human consciousness in order to bring this about. These techniques are called yoga. According to a Hindu saying, ‘There is no Hinduism without yoga and no yoga without Hinduism.’ Yoga therefore can never be seen solely as a means of gaining physical exercise, reducing stress or as a medical therapy. Some of the methods used by yoga are as follows:

Hatha yoga: Physical and breathing exercises

Body postures (asanas) are intended to immobilise the whole body. Practising them will enable the body to become completely motionless and hardened in fixed positions. Meditation words (mantras) serve to immobilise the consciousness. Mantras are usually the names of gods used for worship. Symbolic body movements in yoga are designed to close ‘all nine doors of the body’, so that no sense perception from the outside penetrates into the mind. When all outer sensation is shut off the body itself will create sense perceptions of an inner kind, an inner light, an inner sound, an inner smell, and an inner pleasure.

I once talked to a yoga teacher who became a Christian. He said that he did not teach his pupils anything about Hinduism to begin with, but simply taught them the techniques of yoga. They then experienced things that they could not explain and he interpreted their experiences in such a way that would lead them deeper into the Hindu philosophy of discovering god within yourself.

Japa Yoga: The mechanical way of salvation

Japa is the repetition or chanting of a mantra which is usually the name of a Hindu god. One example of this is the Hare Krishna movement which chants the names of Krishna and Rama. I once had a conversation with a young man selling Hare Krishna books in London. As soon as I questioned his basic philosophy he began chanting ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Rama’ after which all meaningful discussion became impossible.

Transcendental Meditation (TM), taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has become one of the most well known forms of yoga in the West. In TM the meditator learns first to forget the rest of the world and to concentrate only on the mantra (usually a short word, a name of a deity such as Ram or OM). Then he forgets the mantra too, transcending all thoughts and feelings. After several years of meditation one is said to attain ‘god consciousness.’ In this state it is said that one can even communicate with birds, animals, plants and rocks. The final state is ‘unity consciousness’, in which the devotee perceives the oneness of himself with the universe. This is ‘liberation.’

Kundalini Yoga: Salvation through the ‘Serpent Power’

Hindu psychology teaches that the ‘kundalini shakti’, or serpent power, lies at the base of the spine. Normally the kundalini lies dormant in most human beings, but when it is awakened it arises and begins to travel upwards. In its journey from the base of the spine to the top of the head it passes through six psychic centres called ‘chakras’. When it passes through a chakra it kindles various psychic experiences and energies. When it reaches the sahasrara, or crown, one attains power to perform miracles and to achieve liberation. The most influential guru who preached kundalini was Swami Muktananda. He labelled it Siddha (perfect) yoga, for it is the only yoga in which the aspirant does not have to do anything. He just surrenders to the guru and the guru’s grace does everything for him.

In an article published previously in this magazine (October 1995), Robert Walker described what takes place in kundalini yoga: ‘Few Christians realise that for thousands of years gurus have operated with gifts of healing, miracles, gifts of knowledge, and intense displays of spiritual consciousness as they stretch out and connect with a cosmic power which, though demonic in origin, is very real. The meetings which mystic Hindu gurus hold are called ‘Dharshan’. At these meetings devotees go forward to receive spiritual experience from a touch by the open palm of the hand, often to the forehead, by the guru in what is known as the Shakti Pat or divine touch. The raising of the spiritual experience is called raising Khundalini. The practice is quite intricate but is brought on by Shakti Pat in conjunction with the repetition of mantras or religious phrases and by holding physical positions for a long time. After a period when the devotee has reached a certain spiritual elevation they begin to shake, jerk, or hop or squirm uncontrollably, sometimes breaking into uncontrolled animal noises or laughter as they reach an ecstatic high. These manifestations are called ‘Kriyas’. Devotees sometimes roar like lions and show all kinds of physical signs during this period. Often devotees move on to higher states of spiritual consciousness and become inert physically and appear to slip into an unconsciousness when they lose sense of what is happening around them. This state is called ‘samadhi’ and it leads to a deeper spiritual experience.’

The role of the Guru in granting liberation

The role of the guru in the liberation of a devotee is described differently in different sects. Generally speaking the guru’s task is only to teach the technique of achieving liberation; the devotee has to achieve liberation by practicing the technique on his own. Some sects however teach that at initiation the guru takes the karma (action) of a disciple upon himself. According to the law of karma, each man has to take the consequences of his good and bad actions. For this he has to be continually reborn into the world. But if the guru (out of love and grace) takes the karma, the necessity of a rebirth vanishes, and one attains deliverance from the bondage of reincarnation. Therefore it is believed that without the guru’s grace, one cannot be saved. Devotees generally claim blessing, peace and a sense of union with god as a result of the guru’s ministry. Clearly something supernatural happens, often with miracles taking place. There is however no lasting blessing, peace or real union with God.

Connections to contemporary Christianity

Today we see that the ‘guru’ mentality is being accepted by some Christian groups in which it is required to submit to authoritarian leaders who are said to provide the believer’s connection to God and who cannot be questioned. Often these leaders’ authority is reinforced by demonstrations of spiritual power causing people to fall to the ground, laugh uncontrollably and generally behave in a way which resembles an ‘altered state of consciousness.’

An audio tape produced by Hank Hanegraff, author of ‘Christianity in Crisis’, features actual recordings of well known American preachers getting crowds under their spell to repeat, mantra like, the serpent’s lie, ‘I am god.’ Those who resist or object to these new trends are often ridiculed as narrow minded legalists or Pharisees, warned that they will miss out on God’s blessings or even threatened with death and damnation.

Christians alert to the deceptions of the end times should not be intimidated into accepting uncritically all that they are told at highly charged meetings by preachers with apparently powerful ministries. We should question any manifestation which is not to be found in scripture, especially if it connects to yoga and Hinduism. These spiritual forces do not bring liberation and union with God, but bondage, deception and alienation from God. In his book ‘The Dust of Death’ Os Guiness has described the invasion of eastern religious ideas well;

‘The subtlety of eastern religion is that it enters like an odourless poison gas, seeping under the door, through the keyhole, in through the open window, so that the man in the room is overcome without his ever realising that there was any danger at all.’

Looking at this issue from a prophetic point of view we see that yoga is a force which is helping to bring together religious devotees of different backgrounds, since its techniques can be superimposed on any religious system including nominal Christianity and Islam. As such it is helping to unite the religious world in the coming one world religion described in Revelation 17, ‘Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.’ The defence we have against all this is to be found in a true faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour, the one way to a true relationship with God, who has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.



The ravers who get high on God

The ravers who get high on God

Raving the night away ... but these revellers are only high on the power of God

Raving the night away … but these revellers are only high on the power of God


Published: 21 Jan 2010

WILD-EYED and out of control, the clubbers flail wildly to a booming beat.

With sweaty clothes clinging to their backs, some people even pass out.

While this could easily be mistaken for a dodgy booze and drug-fuelled party, there is something very different about Sloshfest.

The revellers are party loving Christians who don’t drink or take drugs — but say their euphoria is down to the power of God and their seeming drunkenness due to “God-ka” and the “yum rum of Heaven”.

Last weekend around 600 people attended the annual rave-like event — where no alcohol or drugs are available — at the dowdy Dolphin Club in Barry Island, South Wales. Now in its fourth year, it attracts visitors from alternative churches around the UK.


Organiser ... David Vaughan

Organiser … David Vaughan

Sloshfest organiser David Vaughan invited me along to experience the religious revolution first-hand.

The 38-year-old from nearby Pontypool is a former drug-user who makes no apologies for painting God as a party animal who wants to win over youngsters with supernatural highs.

Bizarrely, David greets me at the door wearing a monk outfit — he is joined by dozens of dancing pirates, an Abraham Lincoln, a unicorn, winged fairy and a court jester draped in Christmas lights.

After leading me to a quiet room away from the madness, David says: “This behaviour and message is bringing liberation to a world that doesn’t want Christianity as it has been.

“People are looking for something relevant to them. If you like to party, drink and take drugs, our advice is, ‘Don’t drink Vodka, drink God-ka’.

“There is no greater high than the Most High. When you come into God’s presence there is an intoxication that is overwhelming.

“It is filled with life and brings you to another level of joy unspeakable, liberating you from fears and inhibitions you find in the world. It is a blissful sense of liberty.

“This isn’t offensive to the Lord, but it is to the religious folk who attend a dead organisation.

“Heaven is going to be wild. God will show up and be the life of the party. We want to see fun coming back into the Church.”

Christians who claim to get high on the Holy Spirit and drunk on Heaven’s wine have caused outrage in the USA.

Dozens of complaints about blasphemy have been posted on YouTube videos of the movement’s best-known advocate, John Crowder.

The former alcoholic, whose fans are dubbed “Crowderites”, is at Sloshfest and typically slurs through sermons about “smoking the Baby Jesus”, being “whacked out” and “tokin’ on the Holy Ghost”.

Event organiser David reveals God guided him to establish Emerge Wales, the group behind Sloshfest, which calls itself “A rising supernatural movement in the UK who are burning for Jesus”.


Drunk on the 'yum rum of Heaven' ... Sloshfest partygoers

Drunk on the ‘yum rum of Heaven’ … Sloshfest partygoers

He says: “From around the age of 18 I got into drink and drugs. I’d take speed, acid, amphetamine and smoke cannabis every day.

“Three years later I went to a church in Newport with a friend who’d reformed and I realised Jesus had plans for my life. I gave myself to him and that ripped out the desire for drugs and alcohol.

“I began praying and studying God’s word and remortgaged my house to devote myself even more.

“We set up Emerge Wales four years ago because, globally, spiritual eyes and ears are opening. God wants us to enjoy his wine and embrace the spiritual realm.

“Jesus changed my life dramatically and now I work for him to spread his message and love.”

Back in the main room the party is pumping, with dry ice, airhorns and dazzling disco lights adding to the debauched atmosphere.


Crowd-pleaser ... Ben Dunn

Crowd-pleaser … Ben Dunn

A middle-aged woman calling herself Pinky Pirate dashes to the front and grabs a microphone.

The crowd screams with delight as she shakes uncontrollably and bellows: “It is such a wild fire. It is a fierce wild fire. It is untamable and undomesticated.”

Even bigger cheers are reserved for talented American singer Ben Dunn who takes the stage for a set of high-octane Christian tunes.

Amid the chaos a woman dressed as a pirate queen crawls past muttering. Strangely, despite no sign of alcohol or drugs being consumed, she and many other worshippers look spaced out, with red, puffy eyes and a vacant stare. Standing up, she shakes my hand and slurs: “I’m Mrs Jesus. I love my husband.

“He makes me so happy. I love him but I’m a bit drunk.”

At a lunch break I make a beeline for the woman, who now appears sober as she helps herself to the salad buffet.

Jesse Reid is a singer and actress from Maidenhead, Berks, who admits she once found this worship distasteful.

The 30-year-old says: “Five years ago this would have been so offensive to me. It can seem shocking if you’re not used to it.

“I had an operation which went wrong, followed by three years of ill health because my system was smashed. During that time I got really close to God — I felt him dwelling in me in an almost physical sense.

“When I’m worshipping I know I look absolutely insane, but that’s how I’m affected by my heavenly daddy.

“The pirate costume shows I’m involved in stealing back his treasure. We’ve been robbed of lots of good stuff and it’s time to take it back for God.

“All over the world there are Christians dressing as pirates to show he is their compass, Jesus is their captain and the Holy Spirit is the wind in their sails.

“Of course we all like to drink the yum rum of heaven, too.”


Ecstatic worship ... revellers dress up for Christian party

Ecstatic worship … revellers dress up for Christian party

In 2005, John Crowder wrote The New Mystics, a religious book promoting Sloshfest-style ecstatic worship and mystical Christianity.

His ideas appealed to people like David Vaughan around the world and a second volume, The Ecstasy Of Loving God, followed last year. While John holds no official position within the movement, his influence is undeniable — both books are selling at the Sloshfest memorabilia stall.

John will feature in a fascinating new documentary called The YouTube Prophet, on Current TV at 10pm on February 22.


Before addressing the lively Welsh crowd, the 6ft 5in David Blaine lookalike tells me he became a Christian after a Godly experience on LSD.

John, 33, from California, says: “I was a party guy at college and became an alcoholic within the first year, sometimes downing up to 36 beers in a single day. I also did recreational drugs and during an LSD trip in a bar I had a profound encounter with God. I knew that if I went to sleep that night without changing my ways, I would surely die.

“When I sobered up I stopped doing drugs and became devoted to Jesus.

“Now I want people to see that church isn’t dour and dreary. It is an awareness of the mystical, fun and joyful nature of God.”

Moments later John is on the stage encouraging the crowd to enjoy the “love fest” and drink their fill of God’s wine.

Outside, a curious passer-by peers through a steamed-up window. Chuckling, he shakes his head and says: “Looks like one hell of a party.”


Sloshed in the Spirit? It’s time to get sober

Sloshed in the Spirit? It’s Time to Get Sober

Tuesday, 27 October 2009 10:51 AM EDT J. Lee Grady Newsletters Fire In My Bones
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Getting “drunk in the Holy Spirit” has been a popular concept in some churches. But is it biblical?

A few years ago a traveling charismatic minister from the West coast passed through Florida to conduct a series of renewal meetings. I’d never heard of the guy, but the rumor was that he carried a “special” anointing.  It was unique, that’s for sure-especially when he took the microphone, slurred his words as if intoxicated and leaned to the left of the pulpit as if he were about to fall over. Then, in between some bizarre spasms, he would shout what sounded like “Walla walla bing bang!”

His message didn’t make sense. But if he had just said “Ding Dong Bell” or “Yabba Dabba Doo” over and over, some people in his meetings would have run to the front of the room and swooned, even though he never opened his Bible during his message. They wanted what this man claimed to possess—an anointing to become “drunk in the Spirit.”

“Let’s put the childish things behind us. It’s time for us to grow up and sober up.”








Spiritual intoxication has been a trend in charismatic circles for a while. Some respected preachers, citing Acts 2:13, defend the concept that Christians might feel drunk when they are filled with the Holy Spirit (because the early disciples were accused of being drunk when they spoke in tongues). This teaching led to lots of disorderly conduct in revival meetings—including nosebleeds, bruises and more serious injuries.

Some people began to manifest what looked like seizures during renewal services, and the bizarre behavior was defended as “manifestations of the Spirit.” Some pastors even encouraged wobbly saints to find “designated drivers” if they felt too drunk to operate a vehicle when it was time to go home. Meanwhile, some worship leaders introduced “Holy Ghost drinking songs” that encouraged people to slosh around in the joy of the Lord while uncorking more of His new wine.

The spiritual drunkenness craze led to other charismatic fads, including an infatuation with angels, an obsession with golden dust and the strange teachings of John Crowder—a confessed “new mystic” who compares the infilling of the Holy Spirit to smoking marijuana.

Crowder, who is planting a church in Santa Cruz, Calif., this fall, sometimes calls his meetings “sloshfests” and refers to himself as a bartender for God. He teaches that God wants all Christians to be continually drunk in the Holy Spirit—and he provides resources to help you do just that, including an electronica recording that will help you, in Crowder’s words, “trance out,” and a teaching that encourages stigmata and levitation.

I’ll let the theologians sort out all the obvious reasons why Crowder and other “new mystics” are treading on dangerous ground. Meanwhile I have a less complicated concern. With all of this emphasis on Holy Ghost intoxication, did anybody notice that the Bible clearly commands us to be spiritually sober?

If soberness wasn’t mentioned in the New Testament, then I wouldn’t be beating this drum so loudly. But I find numerous references, from both Peter and Paul.  “But you, be sober in all things,” is Paul’s admonition to Timothy (2 Tim. 4:5, NASB). He tells the Thessalonians, “But since we are of the day, let us be sober, having put on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet, the hope of salvation,” (1 Thess. 5:8).

Peter hammers the same point. He wrote, “Prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (1 Pet. 1:13) and “The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer” (1 Pet. 4:7).

The soberness here is not primarily a reference to abstaining from alcohol (although it’s worth mentioning that believers who drink will find it more difficult to obey these commands). To be sober can be defined “to show self-control,” “to be sane or rational,” or “to be free from excess or extravagance.” A sober Christian knows the heights of God’s inexpressible joy, but he is never ruled by emotions, passions, lust or any other category of temptation that has the power to dull the spiritual senses.

When I look at the state of our nation today, and consider our spiritual challenges, it’s obvious the last thing we need are Christians who are so sloshed in emotional euphoria that they can’t pray intelligently and work diligently.

This is not a time for God’s people to be incapacitated. We need to be thinking, planning, strategizing, researching and building—all using the Holy Spirit’s wisdom. Yes, we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit like never before—but He is not going to fill us so we can act like giddy freshmen at a frat house keg party. Let’s put the childish things behind us. It’s time for us to grow up and sober up.

J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma. You can find him on Twitter at leegrady.